Commercial Debt Recovery Lawsuit


Filing Suit to Collect


To many who have never used a debt collection civil suit, getting started is the scariest part. Often those who refuse to pay their bills will tell you that if you sue them you will never collect. Don’t be intimidated by these scare tactics. Before accepting your civil debt recovery, we will perform an in-depth investigation of your customer at no cost to determine whether court debt collection is the best course of action. We use the latest technology in our investigation, including Westlaw™ and Lexis-Nexis™. We charge by the hour or if you prefer 40% of the actual amount we collect. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.


Two Easy Steps


  • Step 1 - Provide the Case Information.


    Complete the Collection Worksheet and supply supporting account information such as credit application, invoices, copy of last check from customer and statement of account.


  • STEP 2 - Pay Deposit.


    Pay the deposit for filing fees and court costs. Costs range from $560 to $770 depending on the amount of your claim. You may pay by check or online at our secure link: