Judgement Recovery Services in California


Judgment Collection


You’ve won your case in court, now what? Judgment collection, sometimes called judgment enforcement, is perhaps the most difficult area of debt collection. Unfortunately, most lawyers take your case, file suit and get a judgment, often at great expense, without ever having conducted an asset search and are unable to provide judgment collection services. Equally true is that typical civil litigators are lost when it comes to collecting a judgment. In fact, we get many of our court judgement debt collection cases from other lawyers!


Step 1 - Send us the Judgment.


Complete and return the Judgment Enforcement Worksheet.


Step 2 - Asset Investigation.


At no cost to you we will perform an investigation into the judgment debtor’s assets using our unique and proprietary software. We will not accept your case unless we believe there is a good chance it can be collected.


Step 3 - Hire Us.


We charge by the hour or if you prefer 40% of the actual amount collected. If there is no recovery, there is no fee.